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Concrit here please~ I'm very postive to constructive criticism, as I want to be able to improve him as much as I can. Flames will be politely ignored and frowned upon. >: I want constructive crit. Not destructive.

Anon commenting is on, IP logging is off! /o/ ♥


ALSO. If we're threading, I'm not on IRC and you need to get a hold of me, or if there's anything else you're concerned about, tag this post, and I'll be sure to get back to you asap. ♥
Really I just like the beats.

Counseling event groups~!

For reference and a bit of info. My counselors and their groups:

AMASAWA CHITOSE: Sofia Mantega, Vanille, Vanya Hargreeves

Will probably bake you muffins to make you feel better, or might embarrass you by dressing in a skirt. You pick. He's super duper nice, though. Like, really really nice.

SCHULDIG: Leo, Red Arrow, Santo Vaccarro

Schuldig is an sadist ass, but could be nice if he's not too bored. He's more probable to poke at your fail than try to help you too much. He LIKES people, more so people in camp than anywhere else.

ECLIPSE: Kaito Kuroba, Mindy Macready, Victor Borkowski

Is stoic, proud and wonders what the hell he's supposed to do about YOUR problems. :|

EARTH: C.C., Josh Foley, Yotsuba Koiwai

Isn't too inclined to actually TALK to people, and prefers animals and nature before them. He's nice though, in his own withdrawn way.

KAKEI: Jet Link, Okita Sougo, Zero Kiryuu

Kakei will be helpful. In a horrifying way. He might get you to do some work in his shop, as "therapy" if he thinks it suits.

ROSIEL: Nakao Senri, Tiffany Aching

Might or might not just fuck you over royally because he feels like it. It depends on his roller coaster mood swings. He could be merciful helpful. Maybe. Not so probable. I WOULD LIKE TO APOLOGIZE FOR ROSIEL IN ADVANCE and I feel a little sorry for the assigned characters :x


My campers and their counselors:





I'm totally all right with discussing threading times with everyone. I'll be able to schedule time to whenever to be awake for this for it to work. I also don't mind thread-stretching for whatever time needed to finish things up, even if it takes more than a week. (I do this a lot anyway).

My timezone is GMT +1, and usually I'm always around from 6 am EST (or earlier) until... I go to sleep, really. That's noon for me, and I usually stay awake way into the night, which is around 6-9pm EST or later. I AM VERY FLEXIBLE. If I'm online and available on IRC or gchat (colormecyanide), I'm around, unless otherwise stated. Poke me anytime you see me!

Basically, what I do with my free time at the moment is job searching, so I'm not going to be away from internet overly much, barring sleep and food, and the occasional trip to town. WHICH IS TO SAY I'm currently eh... living by my computer, more or less. We got a whole month, right? Easy.

I'll be adding links to their first threads in this event in their names up there, but feel free to tell me to jump in somewhere else. This is just for easy first access.

Comment here with any shenanigans you want to discuss! LET'S HAVE FUN, because I'm really looking forward to this. ♥
Rape and also rape.

Can I read your mind/touch your feelings?

Schuldig's got mental shields. His mind is closed off from the world at his own will and control. As far as your character with "special powers" or whatnot is concerned, the shields are impenetrable and you cannot decide for yourself that you can see past them unless we've discussed it before hand. If you think your character has a shot at Schuldig's mentality, sure, but talk it trough with me first and ask for permission. :)

Got mental pings? Telepaths/psychics should heed this question~

So, can I touch your mind? Do you mind me screwing around with your character and make their life a living hell? Is badtouching okay, and if so, mental or physical or both? Answer with a scale from 1-10, where 1 is "mental/physical pokes are okay, but not more than that", and 10 being "go all out and make me miserable"!

Also add if your character would fight/kick back or if they're a level of badtouch above Schu and would do this to him instead~
and to make us more than merry

Icon request post

I'm a very not!busy person normally, but sometimes (kind of a lot) I take a break and that's when I colour icons! \o/ I have different ways of colouring, both with and without shading, but most recently, my icon colourings are simple and without shading.

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